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Zeus Slot

Zeus Free Spins

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Zeus Slot Game Bonuses

Zeus slot machine offered for free & real money too is a game available for free and you can play in online mode for absolutely free, without exaggerating, it is also the most played slot game in the world. It is both favored among online and land – based players. This 5 reel, 30 pay line round is powered by Williams Interactive (WMS). If you dig Greek Mythology and gambling, you’ve come up with the right one. Its theme is based on the ruler of all Greek gods – god of sky and thunder, Zeus.

Zeus Slots with free spins: No download & registration

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This classic slot isn’t actually pushing the boundaries of what’s technologically possible in the making of a game. This is a video slot with the minimum amount of bonus rounds and symbols. Its payout sum is not as big, meaning it can’t make you wealthy. Therefore, what is so intriguing about it that makes millions of people play it every day? The answer is, players benefit from almost every bet they put on. This slot is similar to online Zeus slot machine for fun with real money games. It has two sequels already: Skrill casinos list with no deposit bonuses Zeus II and III.

How to Win Online Zeus Slot Machine Tips

As we mentioned above, the free Zeus slot machine to play for fun can not be compared with other casino game with no download as it is free. There are 3 slots in each of the 5 reels. At least two of the same scatter have to match in one round. A number of received coins depends not only on how many scatters, but which of the 11 scatters have you landed. There is an optional gamble feature, where you can try your luck and either double your amount or lose all of it. Playing is simple, and every new spin keeps motivating you since you are constantly gaining chips! The new slot machine that became popular is the free or real money IGT’s free Double Diamond slot machine offered with no download or registration needed with free spins and bonus rounds.

If you want to win this slot machine game and get your real money payments – you should deposit money and play money mode in legit online casinos from our list.

How to Play Zeus Online Free Slot?

Your goal is to place the same 3 symbols on a pay line, as in other slot games. You will be entitled to a prize in varying amounts depending on the set of symbols you placed. When you first start popular slot machine Zeus, you will see these buttons on the interface:

  • XXXX Spin: These buttons determine how many coins you will bet per spin. One of the reasons why the classic Zeus slot machine is so popular is that you place your bets per spin, instead of per line. So even with a small budget, you can play for a long time. Each spin has a cost of between 0.30 and 150 coins. By using the buttons here, you can choose the most suitable option for you. We recommend that you do not exceed 1.20 coin initially.
  • Win: This screen will display the total amount of rewards you have earned.
  • Paytable: The payout values ​​of the symbols and rules of the game can be seen on this screen. We recommend you to check it out before starting the free Zeus online slot for fun.
  • Autoplay: You can spin the reels automatically as often as you like.

Start playing by pressing the “blue” button at the bottom right. You can see the multipliers and free spins you are entitled to in the upper right corner of the screen. If you qualify for a prize, spinning will stop automatically. You need to press the blue button again to continue the game.

Chances of Jackpot Winning

Maximum payout is 250.000 coins. You can also try to win the jackpot in the Triple Diamond free slots or to play free online so that in the free play version there is nor eal money option – it will just be available for fun (ingame coins). To tell the truth, the odds of earning this amount are close to none. On the other hand, there is a huge probability of getting a decent paying with every spin. You can change the following parameters if you think this can increase your chances for victory:

Онлайн казино полностью на русском языке:
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    Сол Казино

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  • A number of pay lines can be changed by using a section called “Lines”.
  • The coin value can range between 0.01 and 5.00 on the “Bet/Line” box.
  • The maximum bet amount is 150, and is shown in “Total Bet”.

But, if I could give you one advice on the winning strategy, it would be to have highest paying numbers, and to keep those values at the largest, since this results with more productive combinations.

Obtainable Bonuses and Symbols

There are 11 scatter symbols, all of them tied up to the Greek mythology. Every one of them has a different payment value. From low to high value, scatters are:

  • Wreath;
  • Silver and 3. Gold coin;
  • Vase;
  • Harp;
  • Helmet;
  • Boat;
  • Pegasus (the winged horse);
  • Zeus himself;

And the two missing badges are the special ones, which don’t give you a payment sum. Slot includes the bonus games and rounds with no deposit bonuses if you are playing for real money.

Particular Remunerations

The more times the God strikes with his lightning bolt, the bigger the reward is. Depending on how many times you can trigger the lightning bolt, you will get the following amount of free spins in online Zeus slot machine game (free play in online mode):

  • 3-time strike gives you 10;
  • 4-time strike gives you 25;
  • 5-time strike – If you are lucky enough for the Gods to look down upon you, and the lightning strikes 5 times, you are being rewarded with astonishing 100 spins.

This bonus can be re – triggered. Moreover, during the free spins more Scatter and Wild symbols will occur. This increases your positive outcome chances.

We should also mention that in some variants of the latest Zeus slot there is a bonus round called “gamble”. This round is automatically activated after a win has been earned. So it is not tied to a symbol, making a profit is enough to trigger it. It’s up to you to use the bonus. If you choose to use it, you play a mini-game. In this game, you are asked to guess the color or sign of a closed game card. If you guess right, your winnings are doubled. However, if you misjudge, you lose all of your rewards. We do not recommend using this bonus because it is based entirely on luck.

Play Free Zeus 2 Mobile Slot

The Zeus online slot has 5×3 reels and 30 lines of pay. The video-slot is a medium risk slot which makes it quite interesting to play. This mobile slot gives the house an edge of 4.03% over the player. Zeus is among the first slots to be converted to its mobile version which made it the go to the slot on mobile. However, more and more slots have come up with similar features, and it’s no longer considered an original.

Zeus 2 is only accessible through the mobile Flash Player on PCs, and the player has to be installed in order to play it. The slot has been made compatible with Android operating systems and iOS. It is also accessible on Microsoft phones through the Windows operating system, as well as on Blackberry phones. The slots functionality is best achieved on the iPad where the games are fast and smooth with no hanging. Playing a game that keeps hanging can be quite frustrating. Playing on a Samsung tablet would, perhaps, cause you such frustrations.

Zeus 2 has bonus rounds that include scatters, wilds and free spins. You stand to win up to 100 free spins as you enjoy your slots from any location at any time. What’s even more interesting is the amount that you require to enjoy playing with the gods. With amounts as little as 0.30 to about 150, you stand a chance of winning up to 75,000 when the god of thunder strikes his luck on you.

In the end, while the god Zeus may not give you more modern graphics and thrills, you are assured of wins every now and then, and quite frankly, those aren’t so bad to look forward to. Not when you are earning while on a road trip.

Stakes Restrictions and Limits

The highest stake is a one of all pay lines wagered at the highest number of “money” per line. The limit can be changed to optimize the profit.

  • Stake Ranges: from 0.30 to 150;
  • Maximum stake: 150
  • Jackpot: 250,000

You can start playing for fun, and if you like it, why not try with the real money, and possibly, win the jackpot! This WMS game gives you bonus rounds, extra spins, 11 Scatters and Wilds. If you click to start the “auto play” option, the computer starts spinning those 5 reels for you. The multiplier is not available; you can only receive the coins. The 30-payline slot is accessible for download on Google Play, and you can start playing on IOS, Android or Blackberry (with Adobe Flash Player).

It is easy to understand why free slot machine Zeus by WMS is played by millions for free or for real money – it is simple, easy to play and available online, there are no big amounts of money involved, and first of all, it is fun and entertaining. Players keep gaining with almost every new round. An advice for players: All the bets should be evenly spread to increase your odds to get the main prize.

How to Play Online Zeus Slot Machine for Free?

It’s not easy to find the original version of the Zeus slot because it’s an old game and not available on many websites for this reason. However, Free Slots No Download website offers this classic slot to its visitors for free. You can use our website to play free online gambling machine Zeus, simply press the “play” button at the top of this page. The demo version is not subject to any restrictions in terms of features. You can play as many times as you like. On our online casino reviews page, you can also see our recommended web sites for real money play.

Play For Real Money

Before bettors begin to play the Zeus online slot, they should decide which version they want to test. If gamers just want to have some fun, the demo version is the right choice. In a case that a gambler is up for some serious gaming, he/she should choose a real money mode.

Playing the Zeus online pokie is available only for gamblers who are over 18 years old (this is the main requirement to deposit real funds into the account). When gaming for real funds, players need to be more careful and make their moves wisely. The Zeus online casino machine is a game of luck, but with the right betting plan, odds can be improved a lot.

When chasing big cash rewards, players should always set the wheel of luck to spin with highest stakes. This is the only way to obtain some of the biggest cash prizes in the Zeus online slot. Real money gambling has certain limitations and a gambler should always check out all conditions before infusing money.

This is a low volatility casino machine that is suitable for bettors with deep and more modest pockets. This term presents a risk chance that a player will have when spinning the wheel of luck. There are 3 possible levels (low, medium and high). Games with low volatility like the Zeus slot provide lots of space for comfortable gambling with small risk chances of losing all wagered money with starting bets of 0.01. Regardless of that, bettors can find lots of big payouts while they play this online slot.

Gain a Starting Advantage

When playing the Zeus online gaming machine, a player can use lots of in-game opportunities to earn bonus money. This can be really helpful when starting. For even more winning possibilities and easier gambling boost, a player can search for casinos that have special welcome promotions like in the William Hill betting site.

In a case that players want to deposit cash for the first time at this gaming platform, they will be rewarded with a 100% bonus. So when bettors infuse the minimum of 10$, they will be qualified for the extra cash reward. This bonus will go up to 300$. After the first deposit was made, a welcome bonus will be dealt automatically and gamers can feel free to use it to play the not new Zeus slot game to fulfill wagering conditions and gain this prize for free. It is a good opportunity to have a relaxing gaming experience and score big cash rewards. Bettors will have lots of choices to withdraw cash fast using many offered payment options. This online pokie can bring lots of money for patient gamers, so choose your moves carefully and enjoy.

What games have the same topics of free Zeus online slot machine game?

‎Zeus 3, Great Zeus, ‎Zeus God of Thunder.

Where to play for real money?

In online casinos (link in menu) – all reviews contain the bonuses descriptions.

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Слот Zeus III — шанс сорвать куш в онлайн казино Эльдорадо

Слот Zeus III, обладающий достойными трофеями, мотивирует азартоманов к решительным действиям. Каждый, кто решится играть на деньги в онлайн казино Эльдорадо, получит рекордный выигрыш, и на этом преимущества игры не заканчиваются. Игрокам будет предложено участие в бесплатных спинах. Такой вариант возможен, если совпадет комбо из изображения руки, которая стреляет огненными шарами (Feature). Во время вращений гэмблер только наблюдает за процессом, после чего забирает поощрения. Выплаты совершаются по последнему бету, выставленному игроманом.

Игровой автомат Зевс 3: обзор ключевых параметров и символов

Игровой автомат Зевс 3 — шестибарабанный гаминатор, где нет линий, а предусмотрены 192 варианта выигрышей. Строение поля нетипичное, ведь число картинок идет на возрастание: на 1 катушке два изображения, а дальше идет прибавление на 1 позицию, потому на последнем секторе увидите 7 пиктограмм. Несмотря на эту непростую конструкцию, гарантированы немыслимые презенты. Символика слот-автомата идеально подобрана в рамках тематики:

  1. бог неба;
  2. пегас;
  3. галера;
  4. шлем;
  5. амфора;
  6. монетка;
  7. масти игральных карт;
  8. старинный храм (джокер);
  9. кулак, держащий молнию (бонусный знак)!

Фавориты авантюрных приключений имеют возможность утолить жажду. Взамен за денежные ставки слотхантерам полагаются поощрения. Будьте уверенны, главный приз станет вашим. Успехов!

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